Google Adwords Service Agreement


1 program. The customer authorizes Google and its related companies to place the customer`s advertising material and associated technology (a “advertisement” or “Creative” package) on all content or real estate (each a “property”) made available by Google or its related companies on behalf of itself or, if applicable, a third party (“Partner”). The customer is solely responsible for all: (i) Creative, (ii) Ad-Trafficking or Targeting Choice (z.B. Keywords) (“Goals”), (iii) Features to which creative viewers (z.B. Destination Pages) are directed with URLs and associated deviations (“Destinations”) and (iv) services and products that are promoted on destinations (all “services”). The program is an advertising platform on which the customer authorizes Google or its related companies to use automated tools for formatting ads. Google and its affiliates can provide the customer with some optional program features to help the customer choose and create goals and creators. The customer is not obligated to authorize the use of these optional targeting and creative features and may, if necessary, opt to use or disable these features, but if the customer uses these functions, the customer is solely responsible for the objectives and the creation. Google or partners may refuse or remove a specific ad or target at any time for any reason. For example, an ad or target may be rejected or removed by Google if it violates policies or if Google believes that the ad or target would expose Google or a partner to liability. Google and its affiliates can edit or cancel programs at any time. The customer recognizes that Google or its related companies can participate in program auctions to support its own services and products.

Some program functions are identified as “beta,” “advertising experience” or as unsurable or confidential (together “beta functions”). Customers should not disclose information about beta functions, conditions or the existence of non-public beta functions. 14. Change. Google can change all the terms of the API agreement at any time and at its sole discretion by sending a notice of change to your account, amending the AdWords FAQ agreement, sending the email address of your AdWords account or your Tuscan developer account by email or otherwise notifying you. The changes to this API agreement are not retroactive and come into effect no earlier than 30 days after the publication date. However, changes specifically tailored to new functions or changes made for legal reasons come into effect immediately after notification. IF AN AMENDMENT IS UNACCEPTABLE TO YOU, YOUR ONLY RECOURSE IS TO TERMINATE THAT CONTRACT.

YOUR CONTINUED USE OF API ADWORDS, CONTINUES TO HAVE COPY OF THE ADWORDS API SPECIFICATIONS, OR CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT OR DISTRIBUTION OF AN ADWORDS API CLIENT FOLLOWING A NOTIFICATION OF A CHANGE AS DESCRIBED ABOVE WILL KONKONKONKONKONKONNSEN 10. HAFTUNGSBESCHR-NKUNG. Google has no responsibility to track, ae, indirect, exemplary, punitive or otherwise, whether in a contract, an unlawful act or any other legal theory, as part of this AdWords API agreement, even if it is informed of the possibility of such liability and regardless of a breach of a core purpose of a limited remedy. In the event that any of the above points are unenforceable, Google`s overall liability under this agreement is limited to the higher amount of $1,000 or the amount of AdWords API fees you paid to Google the month before the fee. The AdWords API is primarily provided as a convenience for Google users and they accept that the exclusions and limitations of liability provided in this Agreement (including, but not limited to this section and section 9) constitute a fair distribution of risks and an essential element of this agreement, including and without limitation of the fees charged by Google. AD reserves the right to terminate the management of your Google Ads ad account and terminate this agreement at any time by informing you (or by email).