Microsoft Customer Agreement Acceptance


Use the IAgreggatePartner.Customers list, and access the ById method with the specified Customer-Tenant ID. Partner facilitates and reports customer acceptance of the agreement to Microsoft. Gives the partner the ability to direct customers to Microsoft, to accept an agreement rather than apply for the partner certificate. In Germany, the penal code (section 203) and professional regulations require that certain customer relations be treated confidentially, such as the relationship between patients and their doctors and the relationship between lawyers and their clients. These professions must guarantee professional secrecy. In order to enable these and other professions to purchase cloud services from cloud solution providers, the cloud service provider must enter into a written agreement with the customer guaranteeing professional secrecy. On October 1, 2019, Microsoft implemented Microsoft`s customer agreement for the CSP program to replace the Microsoft Cloud agreement. Read additional instructions for indirect dealers. In order to facilitate the migration of partners to the new agreement, both agreements existed in the CSP programme until 31 January 2020. As of February 1, 2020, Microsoft`s customer agreement replaced the Microsoft Cloud agreement. Partners are required to ensure that customers accept Microsoft`s customer agreement before making CSP purchases, either by certification or at the administration center (later in 2020). Scenario 2: An existing customer purchased one of the following offers, software and software subscriptions, the Reserve Board and the Azure Plan. The customer is now trying to make a new purchase with a new partner.

The Evergreen agreement replaces renewal requirements for expired subscriptions. Check the Microsoft customer contract to see if the confirmation was provided or not by this customer. As for the solution, you must certify on behalf of the customer. You cannot change the number of license-based subscription licenses for that customer. The customer connects to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center with the registration information previously received by the partner.