Non Compete Agreement Reddit


I work in molecular biology and I just left a job with a non-compete clause to work for a competitor. My boss made a lot of noise, but my lawyer told me it was unworkable. You should prove that any action I do in this new job really costs them money, and only then can they bring me to justice for the money lost. I signed a non-compete/NDA contract for a very large engineering office that you have heard about. It was formulated very carefully and, basically, it was that I can`t use proprietary information for any work outside the company and seemed pretty reasonable. You can find a local lawyer and ask them to check the details of the clause before signing. However, I think these global agreements are generally not applicable. I should also ask if I could work on a non-AWS project for a rival company from Amazon? (That is, I worked on Amazon`s cloud computing software, and now I`m working on data extraction applications for another distributor) I`m from Bulgaria. Right away. They pretend to offer me a legal arrangement, I pretend to agree. In Germany, you cannot compete with your employer by law, so there is simply no need for an additional non-competition clause.

Additional agreements for non-competition obligations after termination are also not in circulation, they are time-limited and have certain restrictions. During my last job, I worked on toppish-secret things – I had the “recipes” for all the products and I had the responsibility to make them on the right track in the workshop. And I signed exactly the same agreement as our summer intern and get the Noob in the hardware. I was offered an SDE (Level 1) position on Amazon (AWS) in Seattle and I was told they have a competition incapacity agreement that must be signed if I want to accept a job. Non-competition In order to give a good consideration and an incentive to employ_____________ (wages), the undersigned worker agrees not to compete directly or indirectly with the activities of the company and its successors and beneficiaries of the assignment during the period of employment and for a period of two (2) years after the termination of the employment and whatever the reason or the reason for the dismissal. My problem is the non-compete clause. After the opening of the document, this refers to my current employer and all the subsidiaries and related companies, the owner here owns about 14 companies and I am only bound to 4. To my knowledge, especially when they own businesses of one kind or another. But I`m not sure.

I am in Canada and there is case law that limits the terms of these agreements. Some terms were rejected by the courts because they were too restrictive and employers therefore became more cautious and reasonable in defining the conditions. You need to see a lawyer. Without reading the competition bans or understanding the specifics of your business, there is very little advice we can give them. There do not appear to be any clauses or exceptions. Nor is there a definition of “indirect competition.” Is it okay or am I screwed? Would I be able to get an engineering job if I go to find a job elsewhere? The company works in a fairly short field and supports a very small range of products, but a layer could certainly do everything possible to mean “indirectly competitive”, hence my concerns.