Superpartners Enterprise Agreement


AG2003/10728 s.170LS-Request from Jeld-Wen Fibre of Australia Operations and another Notice of Certification of the Jeld-Wen Fibre of Australia Team Agreement 2003 – Munro J – 19. Januar AG2003/10653, AG2003/10654 s.170LJ Application from General Water Australia Pty Ltd and another for certification of the agreement re General Water Australia Pty Ltd – Wyuna Filtration Water Plants (Illwarra and Woronora) Certified Agreement 200; s.170XF-Request from General Water Australia Pty Ltd and another for determining the designated price for the Certified Agreement – Munro J – January 19 National Employment Standards (NES) are minimum standards that cannot be undone by the terms of enterprise agreements or awards. AG2003/10733 s.170LJ Antrag von AEP Industries (Australien) Pty Limited zur Zertifizierung der Vereinbarung re AEP Industries (Australien) Pty Limited Maintenance Employees Chester Hill 2003 Agreement – Munro J – 19 January AG200 3/10077 s.170LC-Antrag von Wendy es Supa Sundaes Pty Ltd und eine weitere auf Zertifizierung einer Mehrfach-Geschäftsvereinbarung re Wendy es Supa Sundaes Agreement 2003 – Ross VP, Ives DP, Mansfield C – 19 Januar C2003/519 s.99 Meldung einer Streitigkeit durch TIWI Health Board und ALHMWU – Northern Territory Branch und andere re einen Antrag auf Diesamt zur Anzahlung der allgemeinen Abfindung in den zertifizierten Vereinbarungen – Leary DP – 21 Januar AG2003/10549 s.170LK Antrag von Orana House Inc für die Zertifizierung der Vereinbarung re Orana House Inc Staff Agreement 2003 – McCarthy DP – 22 January AG2003/8413 s.170LJ antragt Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees Limited auf Zertifizierung der Vereinbarung re Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees Limited Enterprise Agreement – Leary DP – 28 Januar AG2003/10424 s.170LJ Antrag von NUW auf Zertifizierung der Vereinbarung re Southern Wool Warehouse Pty Ltd – National Union of Workers Enterprise Agreement 2003 – Williams SDP – January 22 AG2004/1250 s.170LS AmWU Request – Printing Division, Victoria Region and another for certification of the agreement re Corio Steel Fabrications Certified Construction Agreement 2003/2006 – Ross VP – January 19 AG2004/1223 and other applications. 170LK by Rikt Liv Pty Limited t/as Fernwood Southland et al for certification of various agreements – Lewin C – January 14 AG2003/10458 s.170LK Application of Stramit Corporation Limited t/as Stramit Building Products for certification of the agreement re Stramit Building Products Southern Region (Hobart) Certified Agreement 2003 – Leary DP – 30. January AG2003/9369 s.170LL request downer RML Pty Limited and another on certification of the re Whyalla Steelworks agreement, (Downer RML Pty Ltd) – (Communication, Electrical, Electronic, Energy, Information, Postal, Plumbing and Allied Services Union of Australia (Electrical Division)) Blast Furnace Reline 2004 Outage Agreement – O`Callaghan SDP – 21 January AG2003/8485 u.a. s.298C-Office of the Employment Advocate to remove the insemate provisions of certified contracts – Ross VP – January 23 Some employees are not covered by an arbitration award or enterprise agreement.