Vw Financial Services Agreement


If you no longer want to keep the vehicle at the end of the agreement, you can give it back to us. You must continue to pay all monthly rents and the ability to purchase fees, and additional fees may be charged if you have exceeded the agreed mileage or if renovation costs are incurred after our inspection and pickup process. Part of the value of the vehicle is carried forward until the end of the agreement. This amount is the guaranteed minimum value for the future (GMFV) that Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland guarantees that your car is worth at the end of your contract. Please note that the bank account must be in the name of the holder of the financial contract. We know that for some of our customers, a simple rental contract with no hidden fees and our $100 deviation is exactly what we need. 2. Keep the current vehicle – pay the last installment plus the “pay the purchase” option and the car belongs to you. You can also discuss with a customer manager at Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland options for renewing the current financing agreement and repaying the remaining amount (GMFV) over an agreed period; At the end of a solution contract, you have the choice of 3 options: if we do not hear from you, we will automatically ask for payment of the balloon and the option to purchase the fee and we will conclude the contract. It is possible to extend your contract for up to 3 months if you have another brand of our custom vehicle that is not ready for the end of your current contract. This is based on the same conditions you currently have, and you will receive an additional miles allowance proportional to your current agreement. You can request an extension here.

Upon receipt, we will change your bank details for future monthly debit payments (please note that the billing schedule for your credit contract can result in overlapping over time). Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, wholly owned by global carmaker Volkswagen AG. Volkswagen Financial Services AG is the leading automotive funder in 42 countries around the world and is responsible for coordinating the Volkswagen Group`s global financial services business. When your agreement expires, your vehicle will be subject to a contractual check by our collection agents. In addition to the above rules, consumer rights and protection for the PCP are included in other provisions, such as general contract and service law, data protection and privacy law. If you need to extend your contract for a longer period, we offer a formal extension of 6 or 12 months for a revised monthly rent. For more information, please contact us. At the end of your agreement, if you decide to sell your car to either a car dealership or privately, the difference between the sale price of the vehicle and the agreed GMFV is designated by your equity. If we have previously confirmed by email that you have met our eligibility criteria, we must now decide whether a deferral of payment is appropriate in their particular circumstances, for example.

B of the terms that remain on your agreement with us. We hope you will appreciate that we have received a large number of deferred payment requests and that we take them for some time, so please continue to carry with us, you do not need to contact us, your monthly payments will not be recovered in the meantime. If we believe that a deferral of payment is appropriate, we will contact you by email to submit to an amendment agreement setting out the conditions under which we are willing to process your application. At this point, you will receive further instructions and we will ask you to respond with your digital signature within 5 days so that we can complete your application. With a finance lease agreement, you are required to sell the vehicle at some point during your agreement to a non-financially bound third party, and the process of doing so must go through us.