Wix License Agreement Dialog


Then we have to specify the two remaining links. The “License Contract” dialog box is used to refer to the Type Configuration dialog box as a successor and vice versa. Now that our own dialogue is inserted between them, we need to change their follow-up and back links accordingly. The simple possibility is to copy the corresponding publication tags from WixUI_Mondo.wxs and modify the value attribute so that it indicates our new dialog box without changing anything else: to achieve this, we must provide a new UserRegistrationDlg.wxs file that describes this new dialog box. You can start with an existing dialog box, edit it or rewrite the dialog box from scratch. A later lesson describes how dialogues are created and how different interface elements are used in WiX. Here are some remarks: I found another option – stackoverflow.com/questions/597025/how-to-build-a-minimal-wix-installer-ui-without-a-license-page But is not able to integrate into your model [WixSetup]. Can you help me? It`s pretty easy to integrate the dialog box into the original user interface. Instead of just returning to WixUI_Mondo as before, we create our own interface with the interface tag. However, we still want to use most WixUI_Mondo, we call it first with UIRef and only add our changes: First, we refer to our new user registration dialog box. The WixUI dialogue library contains standard bitmaps for the context of the home and closing dialogues as well as the top banner of the other dialog boxes.

You can replace these bitmaps with their own product brand purposes. To replace standard bitmaps, specify WiX variable values with the file names of your bitmaps, just like when replacing the default license text. It`s getting ugly here. We can easily replace the default license by changing the WixLicenseRtf WiX variable as follows: where the license is the name.rtf of your EULA license file. The downside of this method is that you can only have a license file, which means there is no location for them. That`s why we have to find a way around the problems. The license is verified for a LicenseAgreement dialog box name. What we need to do is replace this dialog box and insert the location feature. Note: This project is based on WiX v3.11 (GitHub) as I write this post. If you need to customize your installation UI dialog boxes or support multiple locations, you can find other references to the source code in this repository on GitHub.

There is a well-known problem with rich text control, which is used to display the text of the license file, which can result in the text being displayed empty until the user scrolls down into the control. This is usually caused by complex RTF content (z.B the RTF generated when recording an RTF file in Microsoft Word). When you run this behavior in your configuration user interface, this will be corrected in most cases by one of the following bypasses: The final step is to insert the LicenseAgrement expandedDialogOverwritten dialogue field into the installation chain. Of course, that`s how it`s done under the noeud. As you can see in the file, we can use location variables in other variables, as we do for the SuperFormNewerVersionInstalled channel. ProductKeyCheckDialog channels are for locating a custom dialog box for product key control that we`ll see in the next article. Suppose you have an existing installation program that works but doesn`t have a user interface, here are the steps to take to use a WixUI action set: in the folder of-de is also the file WixUI_de-en.wxl. These files contain German translations of all texts embedded in WiX dialog boxes. It can be downloaded from Source Forge WiX 3.0.5419.0.

Download the wix3.zip sources and go. V