Afh Wealth Management Client Agreement


What is important is that our strategy as a group is to use our growing scale to reduce investment costs for third parties. The costs of holding and trading investments, combined with significant fees for managing third-party funds, can result in lower portfolio performance. We believe that the combination of a bundled tax and cost reduction for third parties makes our customer offer extremely attractive and puts you first as a customer. At the end of this unit, applicants should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the impact of the economic environment and the individual performance of the firm on investment performance and investment decisions; how risks are measured and managed; the main principles for building a portfolio of fixed assets; the range of investment management services, how their performance is assessed and their regulatory environment. “I think that between the FCA and its own clients, the consultants will soon be faced with some difficult questions. AFH`s removal of platform fees, combined with our institutionally segmented mandates, is a compelling answer to these questions. By the end of this unit, candidates should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the pension fund decumulation process and key themes for clients and consultants; the main decisions faced by pension plan members during payment; the characteristics, risks and tax treatment of the guaranteed pension option; the characteristics, risks and tax treatment of the unsecured pension option; the characteristics, risks and tax treatment of part-time work; Features, risks and tax treatment of the alternative guaranteed precautionary option. “Investment returns are expected to be lower, which means that money could make a significant difference to a client`s cost-return ratio. On average, the platforms calculate around 0.3% (30 underlying) per year, which for a client with a pension of £50,000 over 25 years would amount to more than £12,500, which would reduce the final pot from almost £175,000 to just over £160,000 assuming an annual growth of 5%. This exam assesses the candidate in order to develop an understanding of the financial planning process when advising clients. At first glance, the decision of the AFH, the expanding consolidator, as a company, to take over customers` platform fees, appears bold, pioneering and, above all, very costly. If a platform costs 0.30% to each customer. Costs are bundled fees, so as soon as you are an AFH client and we manage your portfolio, no additional costs are incurred for ongoing advice.

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