Casa Agreement Microsoft


. . Unlike subscription licensing programs, academic Open offers fewer additional features and benefits. However, this is the optimal licensing program for an educational institution: the school agreement provides for licensing applications, operating systems, and CLIENT access licenses for all computers in the institution. This licensing program does not offer the option to purchase the full version of the Windows operating system (only Windows Upgrade is available requiring a base license). Please note that the licensing programs mentioned above do not offer the option to purchase the full version of the Windows operating system (only Windows Update is available for them). It is recommended to purchase full versions of the windows operating system for new computers as OEM versions (d.b. preinstalled on new computers). The duration of the OVS-ES contract is one or three years at the customer`s choice. To acquire academic licenses for Microsoft software, it is recommended that you contact the AEP Authorized Dealers (Education Partner).

The Microsoft School agreement can be issued for a period of one or three years. You can purchase licenses for this program through Microsoft Education Partner (AEP) dealers. . Desktop Platforms product licenses must be obtained for all full-time employees or students of an institution or department (for example. B from a university faculty). Products in the desktop platforms category are listed in the product terms and conditions. The Microsoft Academic Open License program has been designed for educational institutions that require perpetual licenses to be used on 5 or more PCs. This is a preferred program that offers the ability to purchase licenses for Microsoft software at lower prices than Open License volume licenses….