Uni Erfurt Erasmus Learning Agreement


In order for universities to participate in the various ERASMUS+ activities, they must be rewarded with the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2014-2021 and sign bilateral agreements with partner institutions. The Charter defines the fundamental principles that the institutions must respect, while the bilateral agreements govern the specificities of the various institutional cooperations. www.tu-ilmenau.de/leonardo/erasmusplus/studierende/ #unierfurt #campus #international #coronasemester #contact #intercultural #exchange ▪︎▪︎▪︎ ▪ ▪︎▪ ▪””︎▪︎▪ ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎❣ @sturaunierfurt @fsrstawi @fsi_unierfurt @fsr ▪.ew @fs_sport_erfurt @fsrpsyerfurt @fsrkw @fsr_musik @pdkpeb @fsr_romanistik @fsrgermanistik_unierfurt @fsr_litwi_erfurt @geschichtefsr @fsranglistik_unierfurt @kunstamhuegel * Please note that after Switzerland`s vote on 9 February 2014, the EU has suspended for the time being the ongoing negotiations on Switzerland`s participation in the Erasmus+ programme. Student exchanges with partner universities continue within the framework of the new “Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)” with bilateral exchange agreements. Scholarships for students are covered by Switzerland. For more information on funding opportunities, check the website of the chosen university….