Video Production Retainer Agreement


My goal with this guide is not only to convince you why the traditional idea of Retainers is wrong, but also to provide you with a formula that will allow you to sell your current, future and former customers if you are constantly hiring. Okay, let`s be ahead of the curve from the start. As the owner of a production company, I love the idea of video production rediqués, but you may be surprised by the reason. Our video production retainers are ideal for businesses that need ongoing professional video production services, but may not have the resources to cope with the workload. We take the time to understand your business and get to know your brands and products. This gives us the insights we need when we produce your video. This knowledge saves you from reinventing the wheel when you start a new video project. Our retainer customers, who buy one video a month, therefore pay $5,000. Two videos a month, they pay $9000. And so on. So I changed the way I worked. Instead of being a video producer, I positioned myself as a strategic partner.

This is very different from the traditional model of production activity. By building long-term contracts, I had the opportunity to become a trusted consultant and not just a contractor. Meet the re-enteror for video production. In essence, a video production repairer offers access to video production services over a period of time, usually six to twelve months, but the relationship they establish between your business and your video agency offers so much more. Video marketing, like any digital marketing, is a human issue. It`s about connecting with people in an honest, authentic and relevant way – in a way that can be trusted. Successful companies achieve this by fostering the same connections within their teams and strategic partnerships. A video production retainer creates this trust through long-term collaboration and opens the door to valuable feedback, improvement and optimization of your marketing efforts that cannot be achieved by a “one and done” project mentality. Yes, video production is a technically and creative medium. Telling stories in a way that best caters to viewers requires a cadre of professionals, talented and creative who have the vision and understanding of the demands of the market, but also the wisdom, skills, expertise and experience to be able to achieve better consistent and consistent results.

But.. If you plan to keep it in a video company, you need to be careful. Not all retainers are the same. Of course, the video production equipment is diverse, and although some very successful videos were created with simple smartphone cameras, in the vast majority of cases, the people behind these cameras had the skills, know-how and experience to create these productions. In order to ensure consistent results; However, it takes professional staff equipped with professional devices and software….